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Isagenix Shake and Nourish Pack

£188.00 £134.00
Contains premium whey protein and essential nutrients to support your body and weight management. It’s perfect for cleanse days.

Isagenix Shake and Shot Pack

£177.00 £126.00
A streamlined pack with premium whey protein, plant-based caffeine, and essential nutrients to support your energy and help you reach your performance goals.

Isagenix Snacks

£24.00 £18.00
Highly nutritious and delicious bite-sized snacks designed to curb your hunger and support your metabolism during Cleanse Days and in between meals. These popular snacks contain premium undenatured whey protein and a well-balanced blend of essential carbohydrates and healthy fats from flax, olive, and sunflower oil for cutting-edge nutritional support.

Isagenix Thermo GX

£22.00 £16.00
A daily all-natural weight loss supplement with niacin and chromium to boost your energy and metabolism. It helps your body utilise food energy more efficiently, resulting in an improved metabolic rate.

Isagenix Weight Management Premium Pack

£446.00 £317.00
A superior suite of products for ultimate weight management success. The Premium Pack includes everything in the 30-Day Weight Loss System as well as other complementary products to support your healthy lifestyle and share with family and friends.

Whey Thins

£19.00 £14.00
Whey Thins are delicious, crunchy snacks that pack a serious protein punch to help keep your hunger at bay throughout the day in convenient, portion controlled 100 kcal packs.
  • 3g fat
  • 10-11 g protein||||
  • 100 kcal per pack
  • Cleanse Day approved
Whey Thins - Gluten Free - White Cheddar 10ct